Recent Live color picker reviews

  • 27.11.2023

    easy to use! no lag works! (between multiple monitors as well) additional tools for gradients, shades, easy palette-making color pick history, refresh nav bar is compact hex, rgb, etc easy to copy! (just click)

  • 11.10.2023

    Tried many color picker tools. All of them were poor. Some were not user friendly, others had console logs, and some were good but their design was ugly. But this one, it is perfect. One suggestion though, please provide an option to turn off the menu which open after picking a color from website.

  • 12.9.2023

    Hey, I would like to take the attention of the devs. The extension was working fine but recently it keeps adding " ff " after every color picked and copied on the clipboard. Please fix it. I will be giving a 5 star after the problem is fixed. fixed. Thanks

  • 7.9.2023

    Funciona perfeitamente! Até onde eu testei, só não funciona nesse site de baixar extensões, mas o resto tudo funciona (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube todos funcionam).

  • 17.8.2023

    Tried several others but finally landed on Chroma. Streamlined design and layout. Easiest one to use IMO and still has advanced features.

  • 17.8.2023

    This is the only color picker extension I’ve found that doesn’t require permission to read and change data on web pages. I’m glad there’s a color picking tool from a developer that cares about my data privacy. The contact info for the developer uses an email at a real domained website - not gmail or hotmail. That gives me more confidence that it’s legit. Oh, and the tool works great. Click on the extension icon, move the color picker to the pixel you want to sample, and click. It copies the hex code to your clipboard. It asked for permission to read my clipboard, but I chose not to allow that permission and it still works fine.

  • 13.7.2023

    The Chroma colorpicker is the best colorpicker i found in the Chrome web store! It has not only a beautiful designed userinterface, it also is extremly usefull, easy to use and has very nice features! I work a lot with different software, because i´m a web- and graphicdesigner from germany and there are a lot of software you have to pay for and it´s not as good as the Chroma colorpicker and Chroma is for Free!!! So if you are a designer, or you just need a cool colorpicker….just get it and give it a try….you will love it!

  • 3.7.2023

    I adored this plugin since it aids me in choosing colours and creating lovely colour palettes for my artwork.

  • 15.6.2023

    For the first minute I download it, it won’t open. Around 4th try, it takes couple of seconds to open. Despite of that, as I type this review it works properly now. It have everything that I need. Thanks, devs <3

  • 3.5.2023

    The Smart Color Picker extension for Chrome is truly one of the most useful tools I have come across in recent times. This tool is a game-changer for anyone working in web design, graphic design, or even for those with a keen interest in color coordination and aesthetics. Firstly, the user interface is impressively intuitive and user-friendly. It requires no technical knowledge to use it; just a simple point-and-click action allows you to pick any color from any webpage instantly. The ease of operation, coupled with the extension’s rapid responsiveness, makes color picking a breeze, streamlining the design process considerably.