Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 14

  • 16.1.2023

    I am going to be honest , brutally but it isnt bad and it may keep real picky people on the site longer. nWhen it first appeared my first thought was the graphics looked out dated….But it means nothing in the abilty of this picker. So, please no grief for giving my honest opinion. 5 *****

  • 15.1.2023

    It really helps when I’m doing HTML color work and I need to get the right shade from somewhere and using this really helps getting the precise hex of the right shade! I love it! It works great and it’s reliable!

  • 15.1.2023

    Simple and easy to use, does exactly what the description says and is very intuitive. It’s not confusing like other color pickers. Would use again, 10/10!

  • 14.1.2023

    Really good extension, worth the 99 cents (works on Windows and Chrome)nnThe licence you get you can use on 2 separate IP addresses and you can manage what accesses them.nnThe free version should be good for some people, but I wanted to support this guy for putting in the hard work.

  • 13.1.2023

    its amazing because it shows next pixels, which is the best thing ever, and its funny how most other color pickers don’t have that. Also don’t forget that the people who made this amazing tool said they don’t take your data.

  • 13.1.2023

    exactly what i was looking about, its just a little laggy tho, dont know why it could be cuz my pc aint that bad.

  • 31.12.2022

    Это лучший инструмент по взятию цвета, опережает даже пипетку встроенную в Firefox. Огромное спасибо!

  • 30.12.2022

    esta buena la aplicacion al fin le pude poner color a algo que tenia que ponerle un codigo y ademas que no sabia no soy pintor

  • 27.12.2022

    The extension I definitely needed. For years I had been saving screenshots and then jumping to another tab or app. Chroma will definitely make my life easier – especially because it not only allows me to pick colors from my browser but also other windows.

  • 27.12.2022

    I was using an outdated extension which was super basic. When i came across Chroma I was shocked at how good it is for a Google extension. I have to use an eye dropper a few times a day so I’m so happy I found this extension!