Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 15

  • 22.9.2022

    works pretty good. Useful and easy extension even if it doesn’t work on some sites, but globaly i liked it.

  • 21.9.2022

    Loved it. Did all i wanted it too. Right now I am a happy man.Easy to use, set and forget. I loved it.

  • 18.9.2022

    Does what it needs to do. Click plugin, click color, done. To get the color hex number on your clipboard, simply click the number and BOOM, it is copied. Great!

  • 16.9.2022

    Very well done! Thank You!! I especially like the copy function after capture!! Is there a way to paste all the colors collected???

  • 12.9.2022

    Auxilia bastante no meu dia-a-dia como desenvolvedor. Os desenvolvedores deste magnífico projeto estão de parabéns!

  • 17.7.2022

    What an amazing extension! Unbelievable. It’s like the color picker that I have been looking for 10 years and finally found it.

  • 11.7.2022

    As a startup founder, i needed a tool to check for best colour for logo and images and this extension was a saviour!!! Quite easy to use adn most importantly right colour code! Best part its free :D

  • 9.7.2022

    One Issue is There i am unable to see history of the colors i picked up i think you should add that. by the way lovely tool.

  • 29.6.2022

    Incredible product! Just what I needed! I have tried to find a great eye dropper and I literally cannot find one.. Most of the other products are just scams but this one finally works! I also love how you can set the default to the eyedropper from the options page. Great work!!! Looking forward to more cool updates!

  • 9.5.2022

    i installed 7 plugins just to choose the best colour picker as of right now.nnUltimate Color Picker is waaaaay easier:n- click extension u003e choose color u003e copy color (DONE!)nOthers you have to click a button to choose a colour instead of just clicking the extension and it should work already. nn- can store 20+ coloursnothers has only 9 slots, where as the other colour pickers can store 20+ colours. So basically you can just click away!!!! Others you need to click 4x to choose multiple colours: click extension (always) u003e click get u003e click color u003e click copy (1 too many clicks)nn- NEGATIVE side is that there is something with the activation of the extension. pls fix. sometimes colour picker pops up when i am done with a colour picking. usually i just press escape.