Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 16

  • 10.7.2012

    I agree with other commenters: this extension is invaluable and should be on the top of the developers page. Easily the best color picker out there! It’s great that you can pick colors from any page. Clipboard integration is very handy as well. Thank you!

  • 16.6.2012

    I’ve been using ColorZilla in Firefox for years and now it is available for Chrome as well. I guess now I can use either browser for my web design work because they are equally equipped with all the tools I need.

  • 8.6.2012

    Ya this is probably the best color picker extension for chrome. I’ve tried 3 others and while they work they are not as comprehensive as this one.

  • 24.2.2012

    Love ColorZilla on Firefox and happy to have it on Chrome now. Way better than the other Chrome color pickers.

  • 9.2.2012

    It actually works and its WAY better than the last 5-10 I just tried (the ones that did work). AWESOME, Thank You!

  • 24.1.2012

    Believe me when I say that’s the ONLY color picker that actually works as an extension for Chrome. The rest is just rubbish and doesn’t work. And this one works perfectly.

  • 23.1.2012

    Why isn’t this at the top of the list for colorpickers!? I’ve tried all the other eye-drop tools on the Chrome store, and this is by far the best. I used to use it in Firefox, and just assumed that a “zilla” product wouldn’t make it over to chrome. Glad I checked! Instantly copies the #ffffff to your clipboard, too.

  • 9.1.2012

    I LOVE IT! I’m a Google Chrome user, and I always used your online CSS Gradient Generator, but I was so sad that I couldn’t use your add-on on Chrome! But now- Boom! You’ve just made a Chrome extension, and of course, I downloaded it right away.