Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 17

  • 2.2.2021

    Can be slightly buggy every now and then but I don’t even care because of how much time this saves me. love it !

  • 27.9.2020

    Lovely extension I’m looking for this type of extension from long time now I find out and amazing UI/UX

  • 4.9.2020

    As a graphic designer, this extension is super helpful for quickly getting color codes. Look no further, this is the color picker you’re looking for.

  • 2.9.2020

    Good tool! It’s useful and works well on my browser. It allows to pick colors from the screen inside the browser, and has other interesting features.

  • 24.8.2020

    Boa extensão, o zoom eu diria que se destaca de demais extensões, foi uma das poucas, é uma ótima aliada na hora de pegar a cor de um site. Simples e rápido com o atalho CTRL+SHIFT+E

  • 22.8.2020

    this is the best colour picker ever. I use it almost daily (I am not a designer) and just love the ease of use, the interface, everything!

  • 21.8.2020

    Not just picking colors that we love, off the web, but also having them for future reference using the ‘picked color history’ feature is a game changer for me. Now this is what I call true love from a developer with their hard work for the sake of some random stranger’s glory! Love this extension, can’t live without. Thank YOU !!

  • 4.3.2020

    While hovering mouse on color picker icon on google chrome, show the picked color in hex if possible :-)

  • 4.3.2020

    Great app. Can I change the shortcut key? It conflicts with the center align shortcut of google docs.

  • 24.11.2019

    Awesome tool! I’ve always had to use a third party site and take screen shots to find color codes and this worked incredibly well without having to leave the page!