Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 18

  • 24.2.2012

    Love ColorZilla on Firefox and happy to have it on Chrome now. Way better than the other Chrome color pickers.

  • 9.2.2012

    It actually works and its WAY better than the last 5-10 I just tried (the ones that did work). AWESOME, Thank You!

  • 24.1.2012

    Believe me when I say that’s the ONLY color picker that actually works as an extension for Chrome. The rest is just rubbish and doesn’t work. And this one works perfectly.

  • 23.1.2012

    Why isn’t this at the top of the list for colorpickers!? I’ve tried all the other eye-drop tools on the Chrome store, and this is by far the best. I used to use it in Firefox, and just assumed that a “zilla” product wouldn’t make it over to chrome. Glad I checked! Instantly copies the #ffffff to your clipboard, too.

  • 9.1.2012

    I LOVE IT! I’m a Google Chrome user, and I always used your online CSS Gradient Generator, but I was so sad that I couldn’t use your add-on on Chrome! But now- Boom! You’ve just made a Chrome extension, and of course, I downloaded it right away.