Recent Live color picker reviews : Page 27

  • 14.4.2014

    Very useful extension. Last night I was having an issue with it and I contacted the support, and they were very quick to respond and solve it. Definitely recommended

  • 14.4.2014

    I love this extension, can’t think of a day I’ve worked that I haven’t used it at some point. Recently stopped working, contacted the developer via their contact links and it was fixed some day - new update to rollout today. If you’re impatient - uninstall, re-install ;)

  • 30.3.2014

    This is a great tool, especially when I want the right shade of color for when I do some photo editing. Or if I see this cute color, I can pick it, and save it for when I think I need it.

  • 12.8.2013

    Awesome freatures in this app that really works. Until now no bug noted, but some pages doenst allows the color picker.

  • 19.7.2013

    Finally a color picker that works, this is a huge time saver at work. Instead of saving images and then opening them in photoshop to match a swatch color I can just use this eye dropper and copy the exact hex color code I need. Thank you!

  • 13.6.2013

    Best CSS color grabber. Occasionally has an issue where it pauses, but overall still the absolute best I’ve used so far, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Dont keep reading, just add it and enjoy.

  • 9.4.2013

    Simplesmente perfeito. Uma ferramenta indispensavel pra todo integrador web, web designer, web developer

  • 3.4.2013

    O aplicativo é perfeito! No começo você acha que é ele é bem simples, mas depois vê o quão grande ele é! Recomendo! o3o

  • 20.11.2012

    How did I miss that ColorZilla was released for Chrome. I’ve been waiting years for this! Finally, a usable color extension!

  • 13.9.2012

    This color picker tool is so useful! At first my teacher made us download it just for school, but soon I began using it for my own purposes! This helps me in my web designing so much!